I searched for a penis stretcher for a very long time, studied the options, weighed the pros and cons, delved into the penis traction technology itself, and chosen Male Edge for purchase for its unique technology and did not regret it.

My first Penis Enlargement Results

After 7 months of working with the extender, I achieved the desired result, I managed to increase the penis by 2.5 inches in length and 1 inch in width. At the same time, my erection increased significantly, just like sexual stamina.

It feels like I went through a training course in the gym and, being thin and stooped, I straightened and gained muscle. I consider my process of working with Male Edge to be some kind of fitness for the penis, without which I would never have revealed my capabilities.

It became unique for me that my usual penis became much larger than usual and this result does not disappear anywhere, it is with me forever. But even if it became less noticeable, in my closet on the very top shelf is a green handbag with Male Edge.

In this review:

  • I will tell you in detail about my own experience in buying and using Male Edge
  • I’ll tell you how I used it for the first time, what sensations I felt, how I tuned
  • I will tell you about the instructions and my own observations
  • I’ll show you how to better use the device to get used to it faster
  • You will learn about my own routine.
  • I will introduce you to the exercises for penis enlargement Jelqing and Kegels, which I used only 15 minutes a day to strengthen the result
  • I’ll tell you how to wear a device even outside the house
  • You will know about possible side effects if used improperly.
  • You will see the chronology of my results and you will know what you can count on
  • I also used a Phallosan Forte vacuum device and in my review, I will compare Male Edge and Phallosan Forte
  • I will answer frequently asked questions
  • I’ll show you how to buy a device profitably and how to get it in your country

So, I really liked the idea of ​​stretching the penis using the device after I read one of the forums where men discussed ways to enlarge the penis.

Naturally, I never thought about surgery, but naturally, I really wanted to enlarge my penis, since I’m already 35 years old, and all the girls with whom I had sexual relations told me that I didn’t satisfy them or I had a small penis, it didn’t even excite many.

The problem turned out to be very serious, my doctor, a psychologist, told me for a long time how I should put up with my modest penis parameters, that I can learn to satisfy women and my 15 cm. That it’s all not important for women, that it’s all a psychological attitude, that a woman’s size is not important.

Having listened to these stories, I saw in practice – size matters:

  • I can not get to point G
  • The width of my penis does not allow normal friction inside the vagina for pleasure
  • I always want to stick my dick deeper, but the length does not allow it, I want to give her pleasure
  • The woman’s top pose doesn’t suit me, as the girls just jump off my penis after a couple of frictions
  • I’m tired of complexing covering my penis while she is looking at him
  • I was very jealous of men who had a large cock clearly visible in their underpants. They behave confidently, the girls on the beach just look at his swimming trunks. Yes, it is swimming trunks, and not shorts like mine, which is why they feel shy, girls like to see a big dick that appears through the fabric. They feel the power of such men and are ready to surrender to them.

Penis traction is an officially approved penis enlargement method. The effect of this technology was proven 20 years ago.

But the whole difficulty is that a device like Male Edge needs to be used for several hours a day for 3-12 months. Not every man finds the motivation in himself, the desire to work on the length of his penis, knows how to organize and understand the essence of the process.

I really wanted to increase my penis and when I found out that it is possible to do this from a purely scientific point of view and without surgery, I was ready for anything. The main criterion – I did not want to risk the health of my penis and experience any side effects.

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That is why I initially considered the purchase of a vacuum extender, which I later acquired, it was Phallosan Forte, but after 3 months of working with it, I did not see much progress, although there was no pain.

For beginners, this device is suitable simply because it is better to start with it. But only a barbell extender, as I understood later, with the help of its rigid structure is able to really affect the process of tissue growth of the penis.

What devices did I consider for purchase?

So, I’ll say right away that on the market you can consider buying only these devices since they are certified and officially sold in Europe and the USA:

  • Male Edge – the lightest, most constructive, compact, assembly-free, high-quality
  • Quick Extender Pro – a double strap holds the penis better, high-quality hypoallergenic materials, a lot of consumables, can be configured for comfort
  • SizeGenetics is the same manufacturer as Male Edge, a classic extender, its prototype JES Extender was the first-rod extender in the world that DanaMedic produced 20 years ago
  • Penimaster Chrome is the previous Penimaster extender model. Among the strap extenders, one of the best, a convenient clip helps to quickly pull the penis out of the structure, a very soft strap, a comfortable and effective device
  • Phallosan Forte is a vacuum device that, using vacuum-adhesion technology, holds the penis head in the chamber on one side, so that using the strap you can attach the extender to your body. A variety of ways of fastening – through the waist, knee, shoulder. Uses a dynamic load – which works well for the result. For some men, it is not suitable, since dynamic loading does not always cause the process of tissue growth of the penis. The new version of the Plus device also includes a rod base. Thanks to her, she managed to increase the load by 3 times.
  • Penimaster PRO – works on a similar principle with Phallosan Forte , but has its own unique design
  • ProExtender is an exact copy of Jes Extender but sold under a different brand

I settled on Male Edge because:

  • This device just captivated me with its design and functionality.
  • All boom extenders are a whole package of components with rods and mounts. It looks like bodybuilders hang pancakes on their barbells before squeezing the cherished weight from their chests. All of them are customizable for a long time. It is necessary to adjust the length correctly, using special screws like a jeweler, it is necessary to set the tension and follow the sensations, inaccurate adjustment can affect the result. But at Male Edge, everything is very simple – there are only 3 levels of length and 3 levels of tension, and the device is already assembled and you do not need to set up many rods and adjust the tension with great accuracy. Just twist the rods and set your length and adjust the tension the same on both sides, extending the rods until they click. That’s all – the device is ready to use. If your penis is up to 5 inches, you need to put the base in one direction, if more than 5 inches – in the other. That’s the whole setup.
  • The device is very lightweight, it is especially important when you are going to use it daily for a long time. Like it or not, wearing a device with aluminum rods is the load on the penis in those places where it is inappropriate. It all affects your comfort and ability to wear an extender for several hours a day.
  • The device is very compact, it can be quickly hidden in a special small case
  • The device is very durable, all settings are accurately set and saved, special comfort pads make the contact between the head of the penis and the device natural, soft, comfortable.
  • I really liked the price of the device and throughout the entire time of use I did not have to buy spare parts
  • The device is officially approved by the FDA as safe and effective. Clinical studies and customer reviews are posted on the company’s website, this immediately stimulated me to buy an extender.
  • I do not like the idea of silicone loops that other extenders offer. I read that this is anatomically wrong and uncomfortable. The strap mounts are much more comfortable. Any friction of the head of the penis is essential. Therefore, you need to minimize this friction with a strap, firmly holding the penis in the structure

My first experience using Male Edge

So, I read in detail the instructions that came with the kit, in addition, I also watched the video instructions on the manufacturer’s website. Everything seems to be ready for the first setup. Everything turned out to be not so global at all, I took out the device after unpacking and was surprised that it was already assembled.

This enthralled me, as all the other boom extenders offer an exciting assembly and setup that can last a couple of hours. While wearing, set the length, unscrew the screws, walk for sensations. And how can you navigate if you are still a beginner? You do not know the required tension force, you do not understand the correct length or not.

With Male Edge, everything is much simpler – I immediately set the initial tension, fixed the base with the right side on the extender in accordance with the parameters of my penis. And using the minimum length of the rods, as my penis is really small. I used the comfort pad, putting it on the head of the penis, threaded my penis into the ring and secured it with a net strap.

So, everything is ready and the device is already working, I feel the tension created, it is quite comfortable.

30 minutes pass and I understand that it is already becoming not so comfortable for me, but I know that I need a week to get used to it, the manufacturer also speaks about this. Well, another half hour and I remove the device, look at my penis – I do not see any redness and after removing the device, pain is not observed. I try to put on the device again after 2 hours – and withstand the load for another half hour. I feel for the first time enough.

Now for a week, I began to wear the device every day, gradually increasing the wearing time. And after 7 days I could stand it for 2 hours without taking it off. What cool progress. I tried to go out with him in wide trousers and ride in a car. Everything is quite comfortable. At first, you just think that you have an extender in your underpants. And then I even forgot about it or did not focus attention. After all, I knew why I was doing all this.


I have to say right away, after a week of use, I want to measure the penis to see the result, but it still is not there. After all, for the growth of the penis, you need at least 2 months. In this case, of course, pain is felt, you have to remove the device in order to go to the toilet, choose the right time to wear while you are at home.

Imagine all the time you need to look for a moment to wear, get it out of the box and fold it back. It’s good that I live on my own, and if you have a girlfriend? All this is very inconvenient, but then it all depends on your desire to increase your penis, it was just huge for me.

Every day I told myself – I am already moving towards my goal. And this is incredible! I no longer sat idly by, I didn’t risk my health lying down under a scalpel in the hospital, I did not drink any pseudo pills for enlarging the penis.

I really stretched it and I was already looking forward to the moment when I take off my underpants, the girl will see the size of my dick and start to suck it avidly and then we have hot sex with her and she gets a vaginal orgasm because the length of my cock is enough to stimulate the point the G.

The result after 1 month – it already was, and it was the coveted 0.5 inches. That was all I needed at the initial stage – to believe in myself, to believe in my strength, to trust the Male Edge extender. Now everything has become different – I’ve already gained experience, I already trained a penis, I didn’t notice it during use, I already increased traction in the extender and already watched that it would soon be possible to change the side of wearing the base since my member would more than 5 inches.

2 months was easy for me to work with – I’m already used to wearing an extender, I already saw the result, I was already reaching my goal and wanted to strengthen the effect. I began to learn the techniques of Jelqing and Kegels so that with simple exercises to achieve even better results.

This is what users advised on the forums. It turned out that the exercises are very simple and help stretch the penis with your hands very effectively. The diverse load on the penis enhanced the result. Every day I spent at least 15 minutes on this. In the second month, I was able to increase the penis slightly – only another 0.3 inches. At the same time, I could already wear the device up to 3 hours a day.

3 months has become key to getting results. My dick got a whole 1.5 inches longer and I saw the growth potential of my results. I kept increasing the duration of wearing the device and for 3 months without a break, I wore 1.5 hours, then a little rest a couple of hours and again 1.5 hours. Toward night, I put on the extender for another hour and went to bed without it.

Sometimes at night, I put on a Phallosan Forte extender, as its design allows you to do this.

In the 4th month, I began to connect Phallosan Forte more and more actively to differentiate the load and more at night. My cock was already 2 inches longer and 0.5 inches wider. I really saw progress and the motivation was maximum.

At 5 months, the results stopped. A whole month – nothing. Neither the length nor the width has changed. But I saw another positive point – my erections became much stronger than before. This was due to the fact that I actively worked with the extender and with exercises. So, the 5th month did not make progress on penis growth but helped make it stronger. This is a good result.

At 6 months, penis growth continued again and I was able to increase the penis by another whole inch. Now I have already seen the difference before and after. It is longer, it is wider, it now looks much better. I already felt more confident with the girls.

The 7th month was final in using Male Edge. Another half-inch long and half-inch wide. Now my penis was longer and wider, while the erections became much stronger. I felt like a real lover and women saw my self-confidence. Not only did I become easier to get to know them, but I also began to satisfy them more than ever.

Was it worth it? Of course, both physiologically and psychologically, I felt like a winner.

So, first of all, I would like to tell you about my impressions of Male Edge. This tool for stretching the penis really won me over at first sight, especially for its design ease of use, lack of meters of additional parts, and a complex second configuration.

It really is not like any of those penis enlargement extenders that you can buy online. And in spite of the sun st credibility and trust of these devices to the manufacturers, they still did not inspire confidence in me and push their appearance.

I hasten to say, that the penis stretching technique using a boom extender strap very rigid, and it, therefore, gives the result. But it and repels most of the men from the use of technologies penis traction.

You really need to be accustomed to, in order to properly use the device Male Edge, and that it is comfortable for you. It is important to understand that even the first week of this device delivers certain inconveniences, discomfort, are appearing some pain in the penis – and this is a normal reaction to the use of this device for the first time.

This is really an unusual device for penis enlargement, it does not look like any of the ones I know. On the one hand, I didn’t want to put on some kind of structure on my penis that should stretch it. The penis is a very delicate part of the body and so did not want to hurt anything and then deal with the consequences.

What if I won’t succeed? What if I just wasted time? But what if I accidentally damage my penis? And if I have side effects and I will never have an erection?

All these are fears that concern not only you but every man before buying an extender. It is important to calm down and know:

  • A quality extender can never harm you when used properly.
  • Male Edge is recommended by the FDA, it is a trusted device that is used by hundreds of thousands of men around the world and their reviews are available on the forums
  • The device has a mild effect and you are in full control of the process

All fears and concerns develop after about a month of using the device when the first results appear. You have to understand, that this will happen – your penis will indeed become longer and wider, your erections will become much stronger, and the duration of sexual intercourse grows considerably is.

This is a direct consequence of the fact that you are doing everything right, you are using the correct settings and everything is going according to plan.

For myself, I have concluded that the use of the extender and not should be chaotic, you should definitely follow their original purpose and the planned strategy.

Initially, I bought Phallosan Forte and a mobile application was created to use this device (now only available on Android ), I don’t know why other manufacturers do not do the same. It is really difficult to plan your routine.

What needs to be noted constantly?

  1. By how long you are using the device on a daily basis?
  2. What are your breaks?
  3. To Akiha results you achieve, how long, what sensations you experience.

All of this – of the stretching process, I have a penis with the help of the device. Another important feature you use of technology and penis traction using strap boom extender is n ht understanding of their feelings and reactions to these feelings.

What do I mean?

First of all, you should feel the tension, you must correctly set the length of the rod, you should feel when you restrain your penis and you should take a break, change s settings, checked mount. Check if the penis head is firmly locked in the device. If the settings fail, there will be no result.

I ‘ve never had problems with Male Edge, although I just read the instructions and looked a couple of videos. There I had made up its own strategy, which I have designed a simple manner in the table is, in Excel.

I regularly recording to all data on the use of Male Edge, and it helped me to analyze everything, what was happening with me, with my potency it, with the length and width of the penis. I recommend you to repeat my experience and create your own strategy, this helps a lot to reduce the time of using the device, as well as increase its productivity and effectiveness.

Now let’s talk about what, where how, and how long you can use this device. So, the best place to use Male Edge is your own home, if no one lives in your home, you can put on and take off the device where and when convenient.

But what if someone lives at home with your wife, children or parents? What to do in this case, how to use Male Edge? I often hear this question at odds in a move and now I know the answer.

The device is easy to put on in such a way, to a Home under the cloths oh this was not seen, that is, the device is really compact first, he simply wearing, you will not have to constantly correct him, you do not need to emphasize the attention on the fact, that it is in your pants.

This is important, and this applies exclusively to this device , because others will be bulkier, no longer convenient. A psychologically important point is the fact, that the PM Male Edge An scares you a complex structure, has to itself by its design, and it is really comfortable.

I understand, as it is difficult to claim the decision to use the device on the penis to stretch, because it is to some extent change your habits, especially at a time when you are at home.

I, for example, used it at home, I do favorite things: a break from work, watch TV, I feel as comfortable as possible. And then I need to use some sort of device on a very delicate part of his body – on its own penalties.

Psychologically, many men simply ca n’t prepare themselves for this, sometimes it’s even difficult to force yourself to drink some pills according to the doctor’s prescription, but here you need to tune in, but the device on the penis, and walk with it and monitor the process.

You must understand that your motivation is of the utmost importance, you are trying to enlarge your penis no less. There can be no doubt. Why are they afraid if the operation of this device is confirmed by medical institutes, doctors.

E is really working today, and you need to tune in just to get a result without harm to their health. There can be no doubt the first question should do so.

Do you want to make sure, that it works, read the form, read hundreds of reviews and 1,000 men, which is, achieved success and regret only about one thing, that they have not done it before?

Why is this silent means the masses the information? Why is the PR of various surgical procedures and injections? After all, such procedures can negatively affect your health.

As in me, it is the result of the mass of influence ide her that the penis in a natural way is impossible. However, there is plenty of evidence of the effectiveness of these products. Today, devices such as Male Edge are used in many medical centers as a method of rehabilitation after penile surgery.

I will post it and are proper e ^ GTR before and after to see how it goes with the work for me. In addition to the odds at max published hundreds of photos of other men who have achieved the result and proud of them.

Summarizing, I can say that I do not regret at all that I chose this particular extender. I was dissuaded by many not to engage in penis enlargement, especially without a doctor, but I decided to figure it out myself and it was very simple. I am sure it will be with you as well.

My dick has become larger and it inspires confidence in my sex life.