So, today I will tell you about the most inexpensive package from Quick Extender Pro Value Edition. It is the most popular due to its low price of $119 and the ability to use the best extender among the classic rod extenders.

I used quick Extender Pro for 7 months and achieved penis growth of approximately 3.5 inches long and 0.7 inches wide. And in this video, I will:

  1. I will tell you about what is included in this package
  2. I will tell you about my impressions of the package
  3. compare this package with other packages
  4. compare device Quick Extender Pro with other rod and vacuum devices
  5. I will tell you about my results
  6. tell you how to buy Quick Extender Pro with discount

Watch this video until the end, and you will know exactly why Quick Extender Pro is the best device on the market in terms of price, quality, and results. And most importantly, I will give you my personal discount for purchasing any of the packages.

So, let’s start :

What is included in this package

  • In fact, the basic and most important point is that the Value package includes the extender itself with its DSS system
  • Also, in the package, there will be springs with a stiffness of 3000 gr. Actually, other packages have 3500 and 4000 gr springs. But in fact, even 3000 gr can be more than necessary
  • Also, in the package, there will be rods of different lengths. Namely medium 2pcs, small 6pcs. There are no large rods in the package. But the main thing is 0.5 rods since 0.5 cm is always added to the length of the rods
  • There will be only 2 silicone tubes in the package
  • 2 standard foam pads, there are no most comfortable Memory Foam pads

My impressions of the extender with this set of accessories

Quick packs in my collection Extender Pro. One is Standard Edition, and the second maximum – is Deluxe Limited, and I have something to compare. I will say right away that the Value package edition is the minimum of accessories for efficient and comfortable work with extenders.

Another problem is the lack of large rods. You lose the ability to fine-tune the device. If we talk about comfort – then foam pads are consumable. They wear out, can be torn, or will no longer be effective. I always change them, but in the Value package edition, there are only two, one for each handset – this is very small. All in all, I can say that this package is very basic and not suitable for permanent use. You need to buy accessories immediately or choose a package for long-term use.

The more expensive $179 package is immediately more convenient and efficient than others.
The standard edition will immediately include large rods, 6 silicone tubes instead of two, and 6 foam pads instead of two, as in the Value package edition.

Well, springs 3500 gr if, after a while, you need to increase the traction force greatly. Further, if we talk about the maximum package, only my favorite Memory Foam pads are super comfortable silicone tube pads with memory. They are ideal for extended wear. Even in the maximum package, there will be a huge number of all accessories for both comfort and fine-tuning. Plus, a penis pump.

And most importantly, I want to compare this extender with others if you are considering buying it but have not yet decided which one to choose.

So, let’s compare Quick Extender Pro with the same SizeGenetics. It has more advanced DSS technology, and even 2 foam pads of the Value package edition is much better than the maximum SizeGenetics package since the extender itself is not of such high quality, convenient and comfortable.

If we compare Quick Extender Pro with the vacuum extender Penimaster PRO, this vacuum device is more complex, albeit comfortable. It needs to be assembled and customized. There may be problems with it due to the vacuum since you need to be able to work with it. In addition, condoms and membranes are constantly torn in vacuum devices.

In addition, Penimaster PRO or Phallosan Forte are very expensive devices. And the most annoying thing is that you have to buy expensive accessories. And I think the classic type of device is generally more efficient. You just get results faster.


You will see the first results after 2 months of using the device. I’m talking about penis enlargement in length and width. Further, every month the length of the penis will grow, and you will constantly wind additional rods, which means the process will be positive. But even with the naked eye, after 3 months, I saw a difference both in the relaxed state of the penis and in the erotic state.

I had the best result after 6 months. The growth was up to 2.5 inches, then a month later, I increased by another half an inch, and the growth stopped for a month. After 7 months, this is about 3.5 inches, i.e. I could not enhance the effect, but I was completely satisfied with the result.

How to buy Quick Extender Pro at a discount – I have my own discount coupon for a 20% discount. It is valid for a limited time.

Quick Extender Pro Value Edition is a good starter pack for beginners who are not sure they will always use the device. I recommend buying the maximum deluxe package, Limited Standard Edition. Still, at a discount, you can customize the device to your needs and wear it comfortably without worrying about insufficient accessories.