Extender Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus is : innovations for safe penis enlargement

Usually, after consulting a surgeon and the approximate cost of his services for an operation to correct the size or shape of the penis, a man will look for an alternative. Innovations from German urologists – the Phallosan Forte system, designed to solve the issue of male sexual attractiveness once and for all without risk to health and wallet. 1 ) Tell briefly about the extender itself and the Plus attachment

A device with a “premium” attachment: the main characteristics of Phallosan Forte and its modifications Phallosan Forte Plus

The uniqueness of the Phallosan penis correction system is the combination of several functions in one device. It is not only convenient but allows you to combine the highest quality and efficiency in one device.


The Phallosan trademark belongs to Swiss Sana (Germany). All products are manufactured in accordance with international safety and biocompatibility regulations . The ISO and CE markings, which are present on the device, confirm the absence of substances harmful to the body in the composition.


Thought out to the smallest detail with German precision, the Phallosan extender is a device with experimentally proven efficacy against micropenis , erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and other pathologies associated with the size and shape of the male penis.

Phallosan Forte multifunctional system

The Phallosan system is not limited to an extender , a device that uses cell mechanotransduction to extend up to 34% of the penis length – 1.9 inches. Phallosan Forte features a special belt system and a patented vacuum fastening.

The kit includes: a vacuum chamber, a set of condoms and protective membranes, a vacuum pump, an elastic belt and an adjusting key for adjusting the tension.

Unlike most extenders , it is attached to the head of the penis using a special vacuum chamber. Such a mount has a number of significant advantages that transform the traction force into a fairly comfortable procedure:

  • there are no metal parts in contact with the skin of the genitals;
  • adjustment of vacuum pressure is allowed;
  • sufficient tensile force is provided – up to 3000 g;
  • compactness and reliability of fastening allows using the device during sleep and during working hours;
  • the duration of the workout can be increased up to 12 hours;
  • the full course is up to 6 months;
  • the presence of a protective membrane eliminates swelling and head injuries;
  • the pulling force acts along the entire length of the penis;
  • with the help of belts, it is possible to provide a versatile load, which is especially important for curvature correction.

The softness of the vacuum and the strength of the Phallosan Forte Plus extender

The manufacturer offers an additional kit to the main system, which simultaneously enhances the action of Phallosan Forte due to the symbiosis of vacuum with the traction force of metal rods. At the same time, the maximum performance of the device is increased by more than half – up to 4800 g.

The set includes elements of a rod extender : a thrust ring, metal rods with a swivel mechanism and a set of extenders, a penis bed for placing the penis in the area of ​​the ulcerative groove. The fastening function is performed by a vacuum chamber. This combination solves all the problems of using a rod extender :

  • prevents slipping;
  • evenly distributes tension over the entire surface of the penis;
  • excludes innervation and stagnation of blood in the head, since the trunk is not pinched by loops or a belt;
  • significantly – up to 10-12 hours increases the training time.

2) We write that on the website phallosan.com you can buy both the extender itself and the PLUS prefix and spare parts

Safe shopping: where can you buy the original device

More frequent cases of falsification of the system forced the manufacturer to implement its developments through its own online store, which is Phallosan Forte’s own page on the Internet.

To purchase Phallosan Forte, you must visit the official website of the device. In the search bar, type Phallosan Forte or follow the link phallosan.com . On the site you can buy not only the main product Phallosan Forte , but also its Phallosan Forte Plus add- on . Also, a potential client gets the opportunity to familiarize himself with video materials and a detailed description of both the device itself and the principle of operation, method of use, research and performance data.   

In addition, the user can purchase separate accessories for the extender or vacuum chamber and consumables that simplify the use of the device.

3) We write a brief description of all components and the price

Details you can’t do without

In the process of using the extender, the user will need consumables and, possibly, some accessories that can be damaged if handled carelessly. To save time and money for its customers, the Phallosan Forte manufacturer offers in separate positions:

  • XL Bell + large condom (L) – an enlarged vacuum chamber, supplemented with a condom, is necessary for those who go to the next level and have achieved certain results – cost – $ 35.00;
  • a spare tension clamp – a tension adjustment system in the Phallosan Forte , you will need it in case of failure of the one included in the package – $ 39.00;
  • a spare foam ring that covers the penis is a consumable material that, with prolonged wear and periodic disinfection, loses its elasticity over time , therefore requires replacement, since the comfort of using the device depends on this parameter – $ 20.00;
  • small condom (S) – used at the initial stage of training, put on the penis, but since it requires periodic cleaning, it can become unusable, therefore sometimes it needs to be replaced, it can also break if handled or used for cleaning aggressive detergents – 26.90 $
  • medium condom (M) – included in the standard kit, used when moving to the next size, needs cleaning, so it may become unusable before the end of the full course – $ 26.90;
  • large condom (L) – the maximum size of a protective condom, used at the stages of the end of the course and consolidation of the result, needs periodic disinfection, from which the walls of the material become thinner and torn – $ 26.90;
  • 3 protective caps – a consumable that prevents head injuries during use of the device, is included in the standard set, but due to use requires periodic replacement in order to maintain training hygiene – $ 24.90;
  • spare vacuum pump – a part, without which it is impossible to use the extender , may become unusable due to negligence or violation of disinfection rules – $ 39.00.

4) We write about the guarantee that is given upon purchase

Manufacturer’s warranty: proven safety without financial risk

Phallosan Forte and its Phallosan Forte Plus add-on are backed by a kit parts warranty, which provides a free replacement if parts are defective and quickly become unusable. You can apply for a free replacement by contacting support.

Also, the device can be returned, if necessary, if for some reason it does not fit the client or a defect is found, except for those that could arise during operation. In this case, it is necessary to comply with certain regulations:

  • refunds are made no later than 14 days;
  • since this is a hygienic product, the integrity of the inner seal must not be violated;
  • you must contact customer service and provide proof of return.

After that, the costs of purchasing the device will be fully reimbursed.

5) We write how to get the best price – look for promotions on the site, you can get 4 condoms from Phallosan for free as a gift, cost 100 $, just indicate this in the comments to the order

Buying an extender at a profit: conditions for receiving bonuses and gifts

Phallosan Forte can be purchased with significant savings. The manufacturer often announces various thematic promotions with discounts on devices and components. To do this, just visit the official Phallosan Forte website regularly .

The manufacturer also takes care of its customers and as a bonus to the purchase of Phallosan everyone who wants to get a set (4 pcs.) Of condoms absolutely free of charge. The cost of this kit is $ 100, but the Phallosan customer can receive it as a gift. To do this, when placing an order in the comments, you must indicate “I wish to receive a set of condoms.”

6) Write about fakes that are sold on marketplaces

Outright falsification: how to make money on popularity and trust

Since Phallosan is a fairly popular brand that has earned the trust of users for its high quality and efficiency, dishonest sellers try to gain improper benefits by passing off low-quality goods as Phallosan devices .

Such devices, which have nothing to do with the original product, can be found on the marketplace . If the name of the extender is found on such sites as Amazon , Alibaba or eBay , it is 100% fake, since the manufacturer does not have official representatives in these commercial organizations and does not sell its products through them.

The first thing that fake sellers are attracted to is a low price and stolen video materials. In the hope of saving money, the user is tempted by the low cost, but puts his health in serious danger. It lies in the presence of phthalates in plastic parts, which easily penetrate through the pores of the skin into the bloodstream and can cause severe intoxication.

The manufacturer Phallosan Forte sells its products exclusively through the official website.

7) Write about what to do if you need to buy some spare parts, how long to wait

Required retrofitted : purchase additional accessories

Protective membranes and elastic rings are most susceptible to wear. The rest of the parts of the Phallosan Forte devices are characterized by a significant working resource. If necessary, any consumables and spare parts can be ordered on the official website.

To do this, you need to visit the spare parts order page or contact support. The order will be ready for shipment immediately after payment confirmation. Delivery time is 2 business days (USA).

8) Write about the delivery methods, shipping costs, packaging ( unmarked)

Delivery service: taking care of customers

Phallosan Forte cares about its customers and their privacy. Therefore, without fail:

  • delivery is carried out by any transport company convenient for the client;
  • delivery time – 2 working days from the date of confirmation of payment for the order;
  • shipping cost – 25 $.

The manufacturer also guarantees that the sent package will not contain any identification marks, the packaging will be absolutely neutral and no one except the recipient will know or guess about the contents. The payment confirmation statement will also not contain information about the contents of the order.

9) Write about Phallosan App for Android and iPhone

Electronic Assistant: Phallosan App

Building a training regimen, especially for those who have never used an extender, is not an easy task. Moreover, some users tend to force events, causing harm to themselves. To avoid such situations and to make the use of devices especially comfortable and consistent, Phallosan Forte has developed and launched a special application called Phallosan App . For the convenience of users, the program is compatible with popular mobile operating systems.

The advantages of the Phallosan App :

  • individual approach – it is enough to enter the initial parameters and the desired ones so that the system can independently plan the necessary loads;
  • training plan – the system will remind you that it’s time for classes;
  • statistics of lessons and results – allows not only to determine the total time of use, but also to build a graph of the progress of efficiency based on the achieved parameters;
  • useful information – the user gets access to useful tips, recommendations, as well as promotional offers from the manufacturer.

Also, through the application, feedback is available with the technical support service in case you have any questions or need a specialist consultation.

The Phallosan App is downloaded from the respective app store. After downloading, the application will offer to review the training video content, which contains a visual example and the sequence of using the extender . Viewing will help you understand the rules for attaching and creating traction, as well as methods of use and useful recommendations to ensure the comfort of using the device.

On the following pages, you will need to enter your personal parameters, the desired goal, the pulling force and select the development of a training plan, as well as a reminder method.

The use of the application is not a prerequisite, but it greatly simplifies access to services, technical support and allows you to discipline yourself towards achieving your goal. Regular training is essential for the fastest possible results.

10) Write about order processing – fast dispatch, fast confirmation

Prompt execution: from application to confirmation

Checkout Phallosan Forte – is a minimum of time with maximum efficiency.

After the order form is filled in by the user and the payment method is selected, an invitation to pay for the selected device will instantly appear. After the payment is made by the user and confirmation is received, the order will be ready for shipment. The total time is no more than 5-10 minutes from the moment of confirmation of payment.

After that, the order will be transferred to the shipping company. Delivery time is 2 working days. In the US, shipping is done by FedEx .

11) Write that buyers on the official website can contact support for any questions

Feedback: customer support at the highest level

Already at the stage of getting to know the Phallosan Forte device, potential users can ask any question about:

  • device and its components;
  • terms of use;
  • possible side effects;
  • placing an order;
  • work with the application;
  • delivery process;
  • manufacturer’s warranty obligations;
  • the possibility of replacing defective parts;
  • method of return and refund.

User support is carried out around the clock. You can contact the experts using the form on the website, via email or the Phallosan App .

12) Write about the official order: secure purchase, all goods in stock, fast delivery, you can buy separately the Phallosan Forte Plus prefix

Phallosan Forte : shopping for pleasure

The choice and purchase of an extender is a rather delicate process, since a man has to entrust a device that he sees only on the monitor screen or is familiar from the reviews of other users, of whom Phallosan has more than one thousand.

Ordering on the official website is not a simple guarantee of product originality. This is the maximum comfort for the user, since the situation of the loss of the package is completely excluded. The manufacturer insures not only the order itself, but also takes care of the confidentiality of the data of its customers. This means that neither the bank employee nor the delivery service will find out about the contents of the order.

If something happens to one of the Phallosan parts or consumables are needed – rings or membranes – all the necessary goods are always in stock. The user only needs to place an order. Also, there is always a choice: to purchase the Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus extender or only one modification, including the Phallosan Forte Plus sold separately . Delivery from the official website is carried out within 2 working days from the date of order confirmation.

The Phallosan manufacturer does everything possible to ensure that the client can achieve the desired goal and be satisfied with the cooperation and results.