How to use Phallosan Forte

This article will discuss my results obtained after using the extender Phallosan Forte. You will also learn about my own routine that I created and followed through the Phallosan App. It is very important! In fact, no extender offers such an application. But it is in it that you can organize a well-coordinated program of use.

You won’t forget anything. You can update your profile, notes, measurements, progress, and reminders. I spent the whole day looking through apps, making final measurements, and getting inspired by my progress.

But let’s talk about everything in order

I know you want to know how I can enlarge my penis. Before and after, how long were the results given to me, what were they like, was it comfortable for me to use the extender, what settings did I use, was it comfortable to wear the extender, and did I have any side effects?

There are many questions, and I know all of them because I had them personally. And I know exactly what you’re worried about. In this review, there will be exactly those answers from a real user you seek.

Phallosan Forte Results(Before and After)

So, overall, my penis growth was 2.7 inches long and 0.7 inches wide.

How long did it take me?

The results came gradually. The first result was after about 4 weeks. I noted it in the application. It was a penis enlargement of about 0.4 inches. It was a sharp increase. Before that, there was none. I carefully measured the penis almost every evening.

After 2.6 months, the result was exactly 1 inch. The growth was gradual, and my first goal was to achieve one inch of penis growth.

The next growth of the penis I can only notice after 3.5 months. The result was about 1.5 inches. Everything went very slowly.

It took me another 2 months to improve the result to 2 inches. In almost 6 months, I increased the length of 2 inches and the width to about 0.4 inches.

Then there was about a month stopping the results, and I read about it. But after 2 months, the growth is again 0.5 inches. Total 2.5 inches long after 8 months.

I admit I was very tired and started to skip wearing the extender, believing I had already achieved the maximum result. But I always increased traction and tried to use the extender longer. I even started sleeping with it. The result of 3 inches appeared only in the 9th month. I definitely stopped using the device, I just got tired, and I’m happy with the result. Since the width of the penis has increased by 0.7 inches.

My Phalloan Forte routine

This is a very interesting process. I read many user reviews on the forums, but it all came down to some kind of individual schedule. I understand that the longer you wear the extender and the more traction, the faster the result. But it will be on one important condition – you will be comfortable wearing the extender, and the thrust will be just such that you feel it, but it will not be too big. In general, everything needed a balance.

And I pursued it. It was difficult for the first 2 weeks when I got used to the device . This is called the adoption period . At this time, I wore the device for about 3 hours a day with three breaks. This was required to understand what kind of traction I needed to use and how my penis reacted. There was no pain, and the vacuum device and the convenient vacuum chamber were comfortable to wear the device.

So I used Phallosan Forte daily. I increased the wearing time and traction gradually. I didn’t have a fixed schedule, although it was drawn up in the app. But I could wear the device when I could. Moreover, it was not always at home. The extender was comfortable to wear on long trips and even at work. Phallosan Forte is a vacuum adhesive device in which the head of the penis is fixed in a vacuum chamber. It is very comfortable. Soft elastic condoms and membranes are used to ensure the best comfort.

Each of my sessions was at least an hour, although some reached up to 3 hours. I generally wore the device 4-5 hours a day, sometimes 3 hours. The most important thing is not to miss a single day. After all, the penis principle traction regularly uses a penis stretching device with good traction.

Thanks to the Phallosan Forte tension scale, it was possible to track the thrust level. Do not be afraid that this is a dynamic thrust, i.e. it changes in motion. Such thrust is still very effective.

In addition, you can adjust the thrust even at 2500 gr.


I immediately want to say that Phallosan Forte is the most comfortable extender for penis enlargement and straightening. Soft strap, special device design that could be easily hidden in pants and comfortable. The vacuum chamber and the method of wearing the extender were finely tuned to the anatomical features of the penis.

Discomfort may occur in case of prolonged device use or incorrect settings.

Side effects

They were practically non-existent. Even if I slept with the device, I did not even have redness in my penis. The device is easy to remove, just create a vacuum and put it on. It hides perfectly under loose clothing and is sometimes invisible when used.

My before and after photos confirm the effectiveness of using Phallosan Forte for penis enlargement.