A man suffering from penile curvature regularly experiences insecurities regarding his sexual abilities. Along with this, he has to deal with the issue of small penis size. The curve takes away a few precious centimeters.

Did You Know?
The negative aspects of Peyronie’s Disease are not only visual. A man with a curved penis may face erectile issues like short-lived and weak erections.

There is also pain and discomfort during intercourse quite often. In more complex and neglected cases, the penis is incapable of becoming erect, rendering penetrative sex impossible.

How to Fix a Curved Penis(Peyronie’s Disease)

Modern medicine has developed various methods for eliminating the visual and qualitative symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease.

One of the safest and most effective ways to straighten a penile curvature is by using special extenders.

Spending time at home in quarantine allows us to engage in penis enlargement or straightening fully. In the hustle and bustle of our usual affairs, such as working in an office, we simply do not have enough strength, time or attention to solving the sexual health problems tormenting our entire adult life.
TOP-5 Penis Straighteners of 2020

#1. Quick Extender Pro (Peyronies Edition)

Rank: #1
Money back: 180 days
Benefits: fast penis straightening, penis enhancement, permanent results
Contents: penis extender, contoured base,  DSS system, Calibrated Spring, Vitamin E supplement and more…
Success rate: 95%
Years on the market: 10+
Customers: 450 000
Materials: 100% high-quality medical materials
First/max results: 30 days (6%)/180 days (36%)
Price: $179.99 (use code “QEP15” to save 15%). Order now
Manufacturer: Innova Tech Design(USA)
Shipping: FREE Worldwide Shipping
Discount coupon: QEP15 (Limited-Time)
Official store: http://quickextenderpro.com

Why Choose Quick Extender Pro?

Quick Extender Pro Curvature & Peyronies Edition is a high-quality and efficient device designed to eliminate the curvature of the penis. This device uses its development DSS system(Double Strap Support).

There are 2  silicone tubes to secure the penis. The deluxe comfort pads are great for using the extender for 3-4 hours without any discomfort. Quick Extender Pro distributes the strain while providing a tighter grip.

No matter which direction the penis is curved (upward, downward, left or right), the Quick Extender Pro will easily restore the organ’s natural anatomical shape and magnify its size. The first results will be seen in 30 days.

Quick facts
Many manufacturers use penis traction to increase penis size, but not many people know that the same method is used to straighten the penis. The principle is no different, but the device’s design for combating Peyronie’s Disease has several features.

How does it Work?

Tension springs must be calibrated to counter penile curvature, and upgraded memory foam pads help to make the penis straightening process painless and safe. Insert your relaxed penis and start slowly stretching it.

Continuous use of the device will correct the curvature week after week; moreover, the result itself is constant (i.e., the penis curvature will not return once you stop using the device).

You’ll also get the Vitamin E inside the package to help you replenish the balance of essential micronutrients, contributing to increased potency and normalization of male sexual functions.

Thanks to Vitamin E, you can effectively deal with penile curvature and strengthen your erection.

Here’s How to Use Quick Extender Pro

Savings and Online Order

Quick Extender Pro Curvature & Peyronies Edition is available online on the official site. A secret discount code: QEP15, will help you save 15% on today’s order. Use the code to get the best price possible($153 after the discount).

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#2. SizeGenetics Curvature Edition

Rank: #2
The only FDA Cleared Medical Device on the market

Money back: 6 months
Years on the market: 10+
Customers: 500 000
First/max results: 15 days (1 inch)/180 days (2-3 inches)
Prices: $299.95. Order now
Manufacturer: DanaMedic ApS
Discounts: 10$ Discount Code: SIZE10
Official store: sizegenetics.com

 SizeGenetics is a safe and compact penis extender that is almost invisible under clothing. 

The safety and effectiveness of the device have been repeatedly tested in clinical conditions and laboratories, as evidenced by the relevant certificates.

SizeGenetics device is a #2 rod-extender to correct the curvature of the penis in the world. You can familiarize yourself with the principle of the device, with its features and advantages, on the official site.

We want to highlight that the results from this device are really impressive.

SizeGenetics Curvature&Peyronies is clinically researched and recommended by doctors. It is used in many clinics for post-rehabilitation. It is also an independent tool for dealing with Peyronie’s Disease. SizeGenetics is a safe, comfortable, efficient, and truly effective tool. Buy for only $299.95 (use discount code: SIZE10 to save $10 on your order).

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#3. PeniMaster PRO

Rank: #3
Success rate: 92%
Years on the market: 20+
Customers: 500 000
Benefits: penis size improvement, fix penis curvature, erectile dysfunction
First/max results: 30 days/180 days
Prices: Rod expander system – $259, Belt-expander system – $242, Complete set – $295
Special offer: 20% discount price in march 2020
Manufacturer: MSP Concept (Germany)
International Shipping: 3-14 days (WorldWide).
Website versions: English, Deutsch,  Español, Italiano, Français, Português
Official store: penimaster.com

PeniMaster PRO is a suction cup attachment, a perfectly unique technology that does not use a noose.

Men choose PeniMaster PRO for its comfort and efficiency; moreover, in contrast to other stretchers, this one can be used for four-six hours a day, comfortably and without any negative sensations. It’s the only device that can be used during sleep.

This effective product uses real German quality, and the system uses a rod and belt fixation mechanism. There are additional rods to increase the length of the device and, as a result, the tension.

 The distinctive feature of PeniMaster PRO is that you can adjust the tension at a small level, even without using additional rods. 

You can unscrew the two cuffs at the base of the device to increase the length of the rod by 2 cm. The built-in scale lets you see what tension is being used.

PeniMaster PRO is a truly revolutionary development. Using PeniMaster, you can adjust the direction of the thrust to correct the curvature of the penis.  Click here to order this device.

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#4. Phallosan Forte

Rank: #4
Warranty:  2 years,14 days money back
Benefits: penis curvature correction, penis enlargement, erection enhancement
Customers: 600 000
First/max results: 20 days/180 days
Price: $339.00
Discount code:
Manufacturer: Swiss Sana Anstalt (Liechtenstein)
International Shipping:  Yes($25)
Payment methods:  credit card, PayPal, Wire Transfer
Official site: phallosan.com

The Phallosan Forte device can provide traction either to the left or right side, depending on which way your penis is curved. It can be worn for up to five hours without any discomfort. The belt is not visible under the clothes, so the device can be worn publicly.

More importantly, doctors who treat Peyronies Disease recommend using Phallosan Forte. Male enhancement forum members report that any other stretcher may require additional spare parts over time, but with Phallosan Forte, everything is simple.

If a spare part has worn out, it can be ordered and replaced. Since the extender is under warranty, the manufacturer replaces the elements quickly.

Many users report that their bent penis affected their erections. Phallosan Forte not only straightens the penis but also improves the blood flow inside the penis, which allows you to achieve a full erection.

Many videos demonstrate how to use Phallosan Forte as efficiently as possible.

SPECIAL OFFER: Order today and your package will arrive in just 2 working days. You can get 4 additional sleeve condoms worth of 100$ to your package. Do not miss this deal!

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#5. Male Edge

Rank: #5
Money back: 
Years on the market: 10+
Benefits: fast and effective penis straightening
Customers: 150 000
First results: 30-45 days
Max results: 180-360 days
Packages: Basic – €129, Extra – €149, Pro – €169
Discount code: MALE10 (save $10 on your order)
International Shipping:  Yes
Official site: maleedge.com

The Male Edge device is based on a simple principle of operation that every user, without exception, will have no trouble understanding.

The Male Edge straightener’s design features create a traction force and apply it to the penis. The metal rods stretch the penis, gradually relieving the cellular tissues from the plaques that cause the curvature.

Using the Male Edge device improves blood circulation to the pelvic organs, including the penis. This contributes to stretching the cavernous tissues of the penis, which gradually straightens the curvature and boosts the size parameters of the male reproductive organ.

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A Bent Penis: What’s The Cause?

There’s a multitude of reasons that can cause Peyronie’s Disease to develop. The most basic one is a hormonal failure, which can either be congenital or acquired.

In the first case, an imbalance of hormones occurs in the womb; and in the second case, it occurs during puberty.

Plaque formation is another possible cause of the curvature of the penis.

Quick Note
Treating erectile dysfunction with injectable remedies can provoke the acquired penile curvature. Quick Extender Pro is the best tool to treat the problem.

This defect occurs when the medicine is injected incorrectly or its quality falls below existing norms and standards.

Another cause of penile curvature can be an injury to the groin area. As a rule, it occurs as a result of a mechanical impact.

Treatment Options for a Curved Penis

Since penile curvature is far from rare, there are several established ways to overcome it:

  •  Medications Medicinal treatment envisages using special pharmacological remedies, including those to be injected into the penis. The medicine aims to eliminate fibrous plaques that constitute the main cause of the curved penis. Vitamin E is included in the Quick Extender Pro package
  •  Penis Straightener 
    Using a Quick Extender Pro extender is the easiest and most effective treatment option. It allows you to circumvent surgery and the related adverse side effects. Despite the considerable duration of treatment, the man obtains a positive result that persists for a long period. Click here to order it
  •  Surgery 
    Surgery is an equally popular option of eliminating the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease; however, it is a rather dangerous type of treatment. It is prescribed in the most difficult and neglected cases, once other methods have proved powerless. Qualified and experienced specialists in the field of urology should carry out such a surgical intervention.

Penis Straightener Results

The required duration of a course of treatment with a Quick Extender Pro Curvature & Peyronies Edition depends on the physiological characteristics of the specific male body.

However, the manufacturer provides a clear scheme, spelling out how to use the tool to obtain a positive result.

You should wear the extender every day for 6 to 8 hours. The entire course of Quick Extender Pro should last from 3 to 8 months.

Wearing the penis traction device at night is strictly forbidden. When you’re asleep, your sensitivity and awareness are significantly reduced, and mechanical damage to the penis may occur unnoticed.

Due to their compact size, modern extenders are virtually unnoticeable under clothing. After attaching the Quick Extender Pro device to the penis, the man can go to work, travel, or even hit the gym.

The Quick Extender Pro extender neither hinders your movements nor causes pain.

In addition to eliminating the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease, the Quick Extender Pro device delivers some other positive results. The extender enlarges the parameters of the man’s penis regarding length and girth, but you should buy the other package.Regular extending practice with the help of the Quick Extender Pro brings back to normal all sexual functions of the man’s body. The user’s erections gain strength and longevity, making him capable of prolonged intercourse.

The premature ejaculation issue has become a thing of the past. As a result, the man has the opportunity to experience unparalleled orgasms.

How Many Men Suffer From Peyronie’s Disease?

According to official statistics compiled by U.S. experts, the number of people affected by a curved penis (Peyronie’s Disease) exceeds 200,000 men per year in America alone.

The age category of affected men is quite broad and ranges from 19 to 70 years.

As soon as you notice the first signs of penile curvature, seek treatment options immediately; otherwise, the problem will only worsen over time, and once the curve becomes more pronounced, it’ll be hard to correct it in full.

What is Penis Traction Therapy?

The Quick Extender Pro option affects the existing intimacy problem by using the force of gravity via a traction device (the above-described extender).

Leading medical experts experimented with covering 41 patients aged 48 to 55. They were provided with extended devices to be worn every day for 6 months. The duration of daily use did not exceed 8 hours.

Clinical Facts
As a result of using Quick Extender Pro, the penile curvature (Peyronie’s Disease) was corrected by 70%, and the size of the reproductive organ was enlarged by 20%. The sonographic plaques disappeared in 48% of patients.

Men could get rid of the ED symptoms, partially or completely. During erections, the penis remained firm for a long period.

Based on Quick Extender Pro’s experiment results, the need for surgery was reduced by 40%. This excellent result allows many men to avoid a surgical intervention followed by a painful rehabilitation period.

If you’ve noticed your reproductive organ has gotten smaller and obtained an unnatural and pronounced curvature, these are likely symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease.

 Traction therapy is the most effective and safest method to fix a curved penis, which involves using extenders such as Quick Extender Pro Peyronies EditionPeniMaster PRO, and SizeGenetics. These high-quality devices have helped millions of men return to fulfilling sex life. .