So, you’re worried about the size of your penis and the sexual frustration that comes with it. How many penis enlargement articles have crawled into your inbox, trying to hook your attention? Are you tired of digging through a pile of spam in search of the magic penis-enlargement pill?

Which is the best penis extender out there?

I believe that German scientists have developed the best penis enlargement device. It works on enlarging and straightening the penis. Therefore, I think every man needs to pay attention to the Penimaster PRO devices.

You may feel unsure. Trust me; your fears are valid amid the lies, exaggerations, and misinformation out there. Penimaster PRO is no fluke. They are certified, recommended, safe, health-friendly devices that enlarge the penis 1-4 inches longer and 1 inch wider. They also balance the smooth growth of the penis, offering the best results plus maximum comfort.

Personally, I’ve bought a Penimaster PRO Complete Set and used it for three months (the minimum time required to understand whether the device is working or not)

In this review, I will:

  1. Introduce the device and tell you about its purchase
  2. Tell you my practical experience and feelings from using the device
  3. Let you know about its capabilities as a user
  4. Write about my routine – how I used it, how often
  5. Give some valuable tips from my own experience of using the device.
  6. Tell you what the results look like for me

Brief review:

  • Success rate – 93%
  • Prices: PRO Complete Set – $357, Rod Expander – $310, Belt Expander – $287;
  • Benefits: 1150 g of tension; basic, rod and belt systems; clinically proven and safe
  • Made by: MSP Concept(Germany)
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Money back: 30 days
  • Shipping: Worldwide

Official order:

Here are different Penimaster PRO devices(reviewed):

  • The Penimaster Chrome (classic Penimaster extender, which was the first in the line of extenders)
  • The Penimaster PRO basic (a unique development), a vacuum chamber in which the head of the penis is fixed, which is further stretched using special devices from the company
  • The Penimaster PRO rod extender ( a rod attachment with tension screws)
  • The Penimaster PRO belt expander (a method of fastening with a belt. It can be stretched across the neck, waist, or knee)
  • The Penimaster PRO Weight Expander (a system for stretching the penis using a kettlebell). While this may seem a bit unconventional, this technique has proven to be effective.

How can you choose the right product?

Let’s take a look at how the Penimaster devices work:

  • Penimaster PRO rod extender is a device that works with the help of rods and tension screws, providing static traction. It is constant and flexible to adjust. You can also hold the glans of the penis in place with the Penimaster PRO basic (vacuum chamber for the glans).
  • Penimaster PRO belt extender is a device that uses a special soft belt for stretching. The thrust constantly changes when it is being used, causing it to give a dynamic load. There are three options for fastening the belt: through the neck, the lower back, or the knee. Each type of attachment gives a change in load, producing fantastic results. Among the advantages of such a device is that you can wear it under your clothes at night without any form of hindrance or movement restrictions.

My own review

Penimaster PRO is a customizable device that is super easy to use. You can also check out videos on how to assemble it on the official website.

I used the rod version for a few days before using the belt version. Moreover, both types of attachment were convenient and can be worn in pants without any visible signs that you have something on your penis.

But I would say that the belt clip, which I wore across my lower back, was more comfortable for me.

Here’s the brief review of 10 Penimaster PRO features:

  1. The device gives a soft and powerful load for the growth of penis tissues.
  2. It has an indication of tractive effort up to 1150 gr.
  3. The barbell instruction can be worn both up and down
  4. The vacuum action is safe in this device as the vacuum acts through the membrane and the condom
  5. The device is a full-fledged penis straightener
  6. The extender has a strap attachment with the action of a dynamic load that changes every time you move.
  7. The device can be used while sleeping
  8. It has a perfect material quality
  9. It has a large number of condoms and membranes
  10. The barbells come in different sizes that can be adjusted to your preferred length and penis size.

What using this device everyday looks like?

I’ve always wondered how men could use a penis extender and go about their normal daily routine. So, I’ll tell you about mine. Firstly, I didn’t understand how long I needed to wear the penis stretcher or take breaks. I didn’t know if I should massage the penis or when not to wear it

It turned out that the whole routine lies with you and the manufacturer only gives basic recommendations. You can find more information about this on the penis enlargement forum, where I put together the strategies that worked for me, like:

  • Use the device daily
  • Wear for about 3-5 hours a day
  • Change attachment type every 7-12 days
  • Massage immediately after use
  • Wear intermittently (1-3 per day), sometimes
  • Use more often at home after work
  • Don’t use during weekends
  • Wear the belt type of sleeping for 3 hours or more.

Useful Tips

  1. Stock up other condoms and membranes from Penimaster. They make the device comfortable for the penis. Get these additional consumables which you can tear while setting up or using the device.
  2. Always follow instructions when calculating your routine of using the device, take the device off if you feel any discomfort
  3. Try to alternate between different types of the extender to increase the efficiency of using the Penimaster
  4. Do not be discouraged if you find the extender hard to assemble at first. Just take out time to learn how to use the vacuum creation device. I also failed right away.
  5. Ask questions, and study user reviews on the forums to understand how to use the device better.

My experience with Penimaster PRO complete set

I’ve realized that most users choose Penimaster PRO above many other devices because of the comfort, effectiveness, and safety of its penis traction process.

For quick results and maximum benefits, I recommend that you buy the Complete Set of the Penimaster PRO device. It has all the devices you need to consistently and effectively grow your penis. I know you’re already eager to grab one for yourself. I’ll tell you the best place to buy original quality; just keep reading!

I chose the Penimaster PRO Complete Set because it has everything I need in a single package. In my opinion, this device combines the latest innovation, German quality, and a variety of tools for stretching the penis.

I bought the Complete Set, which comes in an excellent package that makes it convenient to put all the components of the device for storage or transportation. For instance, there are different load types (a rod device gives one load, a belt another) in the Complete Set which offers the best result in a shorter time.

Penis traction vs. pills

Today, only a few men trust most of the advertising out there. And I can relate. Many pills and devices are promising instant results, and you’ve tried most of them without much progress.

The first thing to know is, pills cannot enlarge our penis, not by a millimeter.

And aside from pills, some so-called penis extenders came on the scene 20 years ago, working by the age-long penis traction principle. Although this principle is backed by science, users’ experiences have exposed their weaknesses.

How does penis traction work?

Penis traction is achieved by devices designed to straighten a curved penis and enlarge the penis. Under the force of traction, over some time, in a regular format, the tissues of the penis will stretch through cell division and new tissue growth.

Many reputable specialized publications have written about the successes of Penis traction and their custom devices.

Sounds interesting, right? Perhaps you can read more on Clinical Trials (a reputable site with great insight on this topic) to judge for yourself.

Although many of these products have been sold, used, and recommended by regular people and experts alike, there are better options.
I’ll share one with you in this article.

Here’s how to buy the Penimaster Pro device

You can find some local Penimaster distributors in your country. However, I recommend buying it directly from the manufacturer on their official website.

The website has an online store where you can buy each extender separately or the Penimaster PRO Complete Set (which includes the Penimaster PRO basic, rod, and belt expander), giving you the entire Penimaster PRO line in a single package.

Try Penimaster PRO today! And don’t forget to order the Complete Set.