My results after using the extender. Month after month. My incredible story

So, many of you are now considering buying an extender to enlarge or straighten your penis. You heard that right; extenders are very effective at working not only for the growth of the penis but also for straightening it if it is curved in any direction.

Penis extender features for best results

Besides these properties, penis stretching devices also positively affect male erection and libido. It is a kind of fitness for the penis, a stimulus for blood circulation, which fills the extra space in your penis in order to guarantee it in length and width.

All this sounds great, but in order to achieve all these results, you will have months of daily use of the extender and some work associated with it.

In this review, I will only talk about my experience of choosing an extender for maximum results. Yes, I understand that you want the most comfortable device for stretching the penis, yes I understand that you want to get results as soon as possible, you certainly do not need the side effects and you want to know who has used a particular extender in order to repeat his experience …

I know all this, and I’m sure you have an additional 99 questions for the extender before you buy it and start using it.

Questions about your penis enlargement goals

I want to take a shortcut and ask you?

  1. Do you really want to enlarge your penis?
  2. What results do you expect?
  3. Are you ready for the fact that sometimes you will be uncomfortable?
  4. Are you ready to wear an extender every day for 1 to 3.5 hours?

If your answer to all 4 questions is a solid YES, then we can move on.

Is it that simple? Only 4 questions and that’s it?

What were you waiting for? Nobody will chew you all the properties of top extenders. This information is full-on forums and blogs. Here they really work : the Quick Extender Pro, Penimaster the PRO, PM Male Edge An, Phallosan Forte, the SizeGenetics, Jes Extender.

The most effective of these are barbell extenders, as they hold the head of your penis fairly rigidly and stretch it. Vacuum extenders such as the Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO also have their own barbell versions, but hold the penis with a vacuum chamber.

For quick results, this is not the best solution. In Penimaster have a version of Chrome (Classic) , and at the Phallosan Forte console PLUS is . If you use these extenders, then only with a barbell mechanism.

Who wants to repeat my experience?

Here are the tasks that I set myself

Problem # 1 – I want to enlarge my penis with an extender naturally

Task number 2 – I want to get the result as soon as possible, I will work hard for this and am ready to endure difficulties

Task number 3 – I want to provide myself with maximum comfort and buy the necessary accessories for this

Problem number 4 – I don’t want my girlfriend to know that I am using an extender

Problem number 5 – I want to use all the growth opportunities of the tissues of my penis to know – I got the maximum result

You may have your own goals and objectives, but I am not writing this article for everyone, but only for those who associate my tasks with theirs. It’s easier! Trust me. On the penis enlargement forums, I looked for people who told a story similar to mine:

I have a small penis, I’m terribly tired of being ashamed of it, I have a lot of complexes, girls leave me, I can’t satisfy them, I want to act, I’m not ready to go to a surgeon. I’m ready for anything to enlarge my penis, but I don’t want to harm my health or my erection.

I found such a person and followed what he writes, what he chooses, how he uses, and what advice he shares. It took me a month and a half for this, since the advice of other men did not affect me.

Why customers’ opinion is different?

  1. Some of them were real extremals.
  2. Some of them were ready to use the extender for a year, if only it didn’t hurt
  3. Other men also suggested doing pumping, and taking Jelqing and taking pills – but where did you get so much time from?
  4. There were men who wanted a particular brand, because someone told them that such a device is the best on the market. As a result, many had a misconception
  5. The fifth category of men complained about the extenders because they were small and spoke unfairly against certain extenders.

There was a lot of information, so it was much easier to follow one person with similar problems.

I was waiting for the results. I only wanted to achieve results and my motivation was at the limit.


In fact, getting results in a short time was my main goal. I read which extenders are better and realized that barbell extenders with attachment for the head of the penis with a loop or strap are my choice.

I bought the SizeGenetics extender , as it was 100% classic and actually the ancestor of all known extenders, because it was a copy of Jes Extender . This is exactly the device that DanaMedic developed 20 years ago and that all brands have copied. SizeGenetics is also made by DanaMedic . It’s famous, understandable, and FDA recommended, and it works.

I listened to the advice of the owner of the forum about penis enlargement, I was inspired by his videos, lessons, instructions and he shared his results. Everything looked very cool!

I decided to buy an extender and I made my choice – it was SizeGenetics and only him. No marketing gimmicks or gimmicks – pure and unique, high quality and effective. Many comfort accessories were already invented for it – and I bought them all. Since each of them helped me later.

Want a result? Get comfortable with a barbell extender.

Don’t torment yourself with the question of whether extenders work – this question was answered 20 years ago by real clinical trials of Jes Extender . By the way, today this is a premium device that is made not only from medical aluminum but even from gold and platinum. Imagine!

My training program

So, each of you, if you buy SizeGenetics, will have instructions and they are the same for everyone. Then everything will depend on the accessories that you will use for effective use and comfort. It is very important.

If you are using a barbell extender with a loop or strap attachment, be prepared to rub the head of the penis against these elements. Of course, this must go through some kind of pad – a plaster, a bandage, a foam pad or other comfort elements. This is only possible this way. The loop is less comfortable, the strap should be soft. In principle, any elements of comfort for an extender should be as soft and pleasant to the body as possible.

In this regard, we must pay tribute to Penimaster Chrome , their super soft strap has not yet been repeated. Also a clip system that allows you to quickly remove and put on the device. I can safely recommend Penimaster Chrome , which German specialists make.

Yes, you have to wait longer if you order from America, but it is very cool and in terms of details and quality, German devices have no equal. Take at least a set of the smallest rods that screw onto the extender for the most correct length. And this tension level – it moves in microns. The device is very cool, I tried it, I just got used to SizeGenetics . If Chrome had fallen into my hands earlier, I would have taken it.

My penis extender routine

  1. Assembling the device is very simple
  2. To tune, simply set the bar length 5 cm longer than your relaxed penis
  3. Wrap the head of the penis with the Band–Aid supplied with SizeGenetics
  4. Use the Comfort pad
  5. Hold the penis with one hand, the device itself with the other
  6. Secure it and adjust the tension so that it is comfortable, but you can feel the pull
  7. Wear the extender for at least 1 hour without removing

If you are a beginner, then only half an hour. You must gradually get used to the load. The further is better. You start to wear the extender longer, you start to increase the traction by tightening the tension screws. After a few months, your penis is growing and you need to tighten the barbells.

All of this happens all the time, but there may be stops, don’t worry, this is normal. I used the device for 7 months and there was no growth for 2 months.

So, my penis extender results month by month:

1 month – improved erection, sexual desire and libido, slightly improved endurance in sex

2 months – signs of penis growth began to appear, the erection became much more abundant, the blood circulated better and I even saw the growth of the penis in volume

3 months – real penis growth of 1.5 inches. Moreover, such growth was gradual – at first half an inch, another half an inch and by the end of the 3rd month – a full 1.5 inches in length

4 month – a stop, I kept increasing the wearing time and already reached 3.5 hours a day

5 months – good growth by another 1 inch, began to wear the extender up to 4 hours a day, 2 hours per session

6-7 months – final results. Further growth stopped, but I grew 3 inches long and 1 inch wide


I very briefly described the process of obtaining results with an extender, I probably need to write a dozen more articles to reveal all the details – I will do so. But first, you need to buy SizeGenetics with as many accessories as possible so you can move on. Email me if you would like to know more details about my program and daily workouts.