How to use Quick Extender Pro

I want to tell and show you how I have been using this penis extender for half a year now. It really took me a while to figure it out and start using it effectively. At one time, I found nothing other than official instructions and some tips on the forum to make my routine as productive as possible.

As a result, I spent almost a month trying to figure everything out and achieve effective stretching of the penis.

Quick Extender Pro is not a classic device that uses penis traction. It has its own peculiarity – it is a system of double attachment of the penis with the help of silicone loops threaded into the Foam pads.

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The DSS technology itself is unique in three cases at once:

  • It helps to distribute the load on the penis by distributing the weight into two attachment points.
  • It helps to avoid the main problem with rod extenders – penis slippage.
  • In addition, due to breathable Foam pads, you won’t get an infection where the loop meets the head of the penis. This is where it often happens with other devices as the head of the penis is exposed, there is friction with the pad, and bacterial infections can often occur underneath

DSS technology seemed so important to me that I bought this particular extender and did not regret it.

So, suppose you decide to buy an extender, then immediately go to the site and choose one of the four packages. The choice should be obvious if you want to get the most out of your device.

If you want to enlarge your penis, choose the Deluxe Limited edition package. If you want to straighten your penis, then Curvature and Peyronies would be the best choice.

I always advise you to go for the $349 max package since you get the maximum accessories, high-stiffness springs, and the pump as a gift. With it, you can significantly improve the speed of obtaining the result.

Your extender will arrive anywhere in the world. After unpacking, you need to assemble the device and configure it. Here’s how to use Quick Extender Pro.

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Let’s go step by step:

How to use Quick Extender Pro step3

How to use Quick Extender Pro step1

How to use Quick Extender Pro step1

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I expect the first results?

This should happen in 1.5-2 months. Please don’t forget to keep a diary of observations and add new measurements as soon as something changes. If you are working on straightening your penis, measure the angle of the curvature

  1. Will the result stay forever?

Yes, we are talking about permanent penis enlargement. Therefore, the result will always be with you.

  1. What if I took a break for 7 days?

You must return to the length of the barbell you used the last few days before the break. You will need to restore your result. It will take some time.

  1. What is the maximum result I can get?

It’s all very individual. All men have different results. Someone was able to increase the penis by 3 inches, someone more, and for someone, the result is 1 inch even after half a year of use. This is because we each have our penis growth limit, and you will only know it when you use the extender all the time.

  1. How can I improve and speed up the result?

Use the Bathmate penis pump, buy it from the official website, and use it in the shower or bath. It will help you achieve the best results. Also, connect the Jelqing and Kegels techniques. They will make your routine more varied and effective.

  1. More tips for using the extender?

Watch your feelings. If you have any visual manifestations on the head of the penis, take a break for a few days and see if it usually goes away. Find the optimal format for using the extender when you are comfortable and have traction. Regularly increase the length of the rods as the penis grows

  1. Where can I use the device?

You can wear it at home or work, shopping or for a walk with it. The extender will not hinder your movements. Its anatomically correct shape facilitates its use anywhere and anytime. The only thing is that you can’t sleep with him and play sports

Before and after pictures. Quick Extender Pro

Here are the pictures I made before I used this device. Quick Extender Pro really works

Here are my fantastic results with Quick Extender Pro. This is the result I’ve received after using Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro after results

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Quick Extender Pro before results

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