Phallosan Forte is the best vacuum extender that offers the best comfort in stretching the penis. So what can Phallosan Forte do for you:

– increase the penis in length and width

– straighten the penis if it is curved

– get rid of erectile dysfunction

– accelerate rehabilitation after penis enlargement surgery

In the Phallosan package Forte you will find all the necessary spare parts such as:

– an elastic belt that you have to wear through the waistband. It has a special buckle to control the tension

– also in the package there is a Suction bell different sizes S , M , L

– tension clip with tension springs

– protector cap

– suction ball

– there is travel bag , in which all the contents are conveniently nested

In general, it is worth saying that the design of the extender is very well thought out, comfortable, almost weightless and incredibly effective in working to increase or straighten the penis.

It is comfortable to wear, easy to hide under clothing, its settings can be easily checked using the tension scale, and it offers a dynamic load that is considered to be very effective.

You know that the effect directly depends on what settings you use, what tension, how long you wear the extender and how comfortable you are.

So, let’s assemble Phallosan Forte

  1. First you need to understand what kind of suction bell you will use. There are 3 sizes, you need to measure your penis and choose the right one
  2. Next you need to attach the suction bell to tension clip and suction ball . This is the name of the mini pump itself.
  3. In the future, you can replace the condom if it breaks by putting a new one on the suction ball . There are several of them in a set.
  4. It must be said that the condoms are already stretched on the suction bell originally
  5. You will adjust the belt already directly when putting on the extender. You will need to create traction according to your settings.

In general, the assembly of the device takes almost no time. This will especially appeal to beginners. Compared to the assembly of any rod – strap devices, there is no need to accurately measure the rods, calculate your user size . Here you do not need to adjust the tension with screws, constantly add rods. For me, purely psychologically, such an extender suits much more than some kind of rigid structure.

And at Phallosan Forte has a new Pahllosan device Forte Plus , which for some reason is Sold out on the site. Its principle of operation is the same as that of rod extenders, with the exception of the base of the device under the head of the penis. She is held in suction bell . So you can use a combination device. But for me, any work with a rod device is hard. I have the Plus + design and find it uncomfortable and even dangerous to use because my penis skin gets pinched in the tension screws all the time. The fact is that this device is designed for a small penis width. And I have it above average, so technically I can’t use Phallosan properly. Forte plus .

How to put on the device

  1. First you need to put on the Protector cap on the head of your penis. Precisely Protector cap protects your mucosa from direct contact with the vacuum. So this approach guarantees complete comfort and the absence of negative side effects.
  2. Now you need to put it directly on the penis, the head of which is already in the Protector cap so that the condom evenly lines up on your penis and the glans is in Suction bell
  3. Now you need to turn the valve to suction ball on suction symbol , after that you need to click on the mini pump several times to create a vacuum. This procedure is completely painless, quick and simple. A vacuum is always created and then securely holds the head of the penis in the structure. Moreover, when creating a vacuum, the head of the penis is firmly fixed in the suction bell , and the condom tightly wraps around the shaft of the penis.
  4. Now you need to fix the vacuum and close the valve. To do this, turn the marker to suction bell on lock symbol
  5. Now you can take the strap and wrap it around the waistband. You must pass one end of it through the structure to the base of the penis, and fasten the other end with a clip on the top of the structure.
  6. Now you need to tighten the belt in such a way that you can see the desired color on the traction scale. It can be yellow, green or red. Accordingly, this indication shows the traction force at the moment.
  7. You can always adjust the traction
  8. You decide which way you want to wear the device – to the left or right. This can make a difference, for example, when you are struggling with penile curvature. You need to wear the device in the direction opposite to the curvature of the penis

How to remove the device

  1. First you need to unfasten the strap from the top of the device and you can remove it
  2. Now you need to turn the marker to suction ball to value with suction arrow . After that, depressurization will occur and the vacuum will go away.
  3. Next you just need to remove the suction bell with suction connected to it ball and tension clip pre-rolled condom
  4. Never try to stretch the condom to remove it from the penis. You just need to roll it up and then take it off

Use program

Phallosan _ Forte has its own phone app. It works on iOS and Android . This manufacturer is the only one who took care of this. Planning your routine, making notes, measurements – all this is the most important step in working with the extender. And most importantly, reminders. You can fully plan and follow your routine, track your progress and make changes to the device settings according to your device usage program

Important Phallosan Forte Features

Efficiency of using Phallosan Forte directly depends on your settings and on your routine. You must accurately measure the size of the suction bell , you must fine-tune the pull so that you can feel it, but not feel pain. Moreover, in the process of using Phallosan Forte, you need to constantly increase traction. You need to wear the device regularly and increase the wearing time. You can also use it while sleeping, it’s safe. But you have to be guided by your feelings.

How and where to wear the device

You can use Phallosan Forte is not only at home, but also go out with him, go in the car. It is invisible in your pants as its design allows you to hide the device well in your pants.

How long to use and how many hours per day?

So the Phallosan device Forte must be worn every day. The minimum amount of time is 3-4 hours. The maximum is 10 hours. Remember – the longer you wear the device with the correct settings, the faster the result will be. Everyone decides how much time he is willing to spend on it. But there are minimum and maximum values. You must always remove the device when you go to the toilet. It is recommended to take breaks after 1-2 hours of use to improve blood circulation.

It may take at least 3 months to get significant results. These are the first results. Further growth of the penis occurs individually. Sometimes there can be 1.5 inches growth in 4-5 months. But the maximum is after 7-8 months. Although the extender is worn for more than a year. It all depends on how your body reacts to the penis traction . Everyone has their own penis growth limit, while the penis is growing, it is recommended to use an extender. Even if there are stops for 1-2 months in growth, this does not mean that this is already the maximum. You need to keep using the extender.