We can all agree that stretching your penis with an extender would be great. But is it really possible? Over the past 20 years, such devices have been developed in China, Europe, and the United States, in compliance with all quality standards.

This review will talk about whether penis extenders really work, the fundamental facts that prove they do, and where to find truthful information about them.

I ordered and tried five different penis enlargement devices to conduct this review, so this article will provide you with the most accurate facts and practical tips. You will learn how to put them on and use them correctly.


#1. Quick Extender Pro

  • Money-Back – 180-day; Worldwide shipping – FREE; Benefits: unique fastening system, comfort, quality, tension springs up to 4000 g; Prices: $119.93-$349.93;

What is this device?

This is the best symbiosis for using the classic extender and the latest developments. The manufacturer created an innovative design for enlarging and straightening the penis.

DSS(Double strap support) is a unique system that helps to hold the penis in two places at once and distributes the load along the entire length of the penis to make it easier to wear and use.

It also saves your settings and prevents bacterial infection when the device (silicone tubes in comfort pads) and the penis glans are attached.

This is where bacteria can accumulate and cause discomfort, redness, itching, and so on. But this won’t happen with Quick Extender Pro. I want to point out that the package with the extender contains many accessories for comfort.

Today, the device is available in various packages:

  • The Value Edition: This is the most modest package, and it includes essential items and springs with a thrust of up to 3000 grams.
  • Deluxe Standard: You will have springs with a thrust of up to 3500 grams, a storage case, and a DVD with video instructions.
  • Deluxe Limited Edition: This is the best option, and the package includes all the accessories in sufficient quantity and springs with a thrust of up to 4000 gr. It also has a penis vacuum pump to diversify your penis enlargement routine. Plus, you can eliminate erectile dysfunction. The device can be conveniently stored in the wooden case in the package.

Does Quick Extender Pro really work?

I want to note that the Quick Extender Pro works more efficiently and safely than any known classic device because its design allows you to avoid penis slippage during use.

This is a common problem with classic rod extenders. Plus, it’s more comfortable to wear due to the breathable comfort pads. There is no friction between the two silicone tubes. It is a loop device, and both hinges are in the comfort pads for maximum effectiveness and safety.

I kept my initial traction throughout the entirety of using the device. Finally, I would like to note the medical materials’ quality and the settings’ accuracy.

#2. Penimaster PRO

  • Warranty – 5 years; Free worldwide shipping; Benefits: Rod, Belt Extender, German quality, medical certificates; Prices: $229-$344;

What is this device?

The manufacturer initially introduced the Penimaster Chrome (Classic) penis traction device to the market, and it quickly gained fame as the best rod penis enlargement tool. When you buy it from the official website, you will have a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. This is a very high-quality development.

In the Penimaster Classic, the penis glans is held in place by an ultra-soft rubber strap, while the classic barbell construction stretches the penis with tension screws.

Thanks to the clip system, you can easily unfasten the base with the strap attached to the penis head. Taking off and putting on the structure is simple and convenient.

Penimaster PRO is a new development from the company that really works (see BJUI research). It is a vacuum chamber into which the head of the penis is inserted and securely held.

Your current penis size doesn’t matter because the chamber will adapt to the head of your penis. I want to note that this is an excellent option from a hygiene point of view because bacteria cannot penetrate the chamber when the head is exposed.

Penimaster PRO with strap

  1. We have been talking about a vacuum chamber in which the head of the penis is held. I adjusted the strap itself comfortably and tried to wear it over the knee, belt, and shoulder. I will say right away: the most comfortable way to wear it was with the belt.
  2. Tighten the strap to increase traction in the structure. I felt comfortable wearing it for up to two hours at a time. I could wear it for up to six hours a day with few interruptions.

It was also possible to sleep with an extender. Again, I saw the result and felt comfortable. But I couldn’t sleep with the device for more than three hours.

Penimaster PRO with rod construction

  1. The setup was about the same as Penimaster Chromes. I used the new Penimaster PRO device to hold the penis glans. In addition, there are detailed instructions on how to place a penis in it and create a vacuum.
  2. I also needed to set the bar length and tension level. However, I still felt more comfortable using this device than the classic Penimaster Chrome. The sensations were different, and the cravings were stable.

It worked really well, and my penis grew faster than it did with the strap. I want to point out that changing the type of attachment altered the load. The dynamic load is created by using a belt.

The level of traction varies, and it works to stretch the penis. On the other hand, I combined a strap with a barbell construction, and the results appeared faster.

How to use Penimaster PRO

The vacuum is applied to the chamber using a special pear, which is included in the kit. The vacuum is easy to manage; to create it, place the head of the penis in the chamber, insert the bulb, and close the vacuum valve by turning it. After that, it is simple to release the vacuum, and the procedure itself takes only a few seconds.

The device can be used as a special belt pulled over the shoulder or knee to create traction. Alternatively, a classic rod design can be used. Some men prefer to buy and use weight expanders.

There are many options, and each has its own advantages. You can buy the Penimaster Pro Complete Set, which comes with a vacuum system(Penimaster PRO) and two types of fasteners.

This option is best because it includes a case containing all the spare parts. You will appreciate the advantages of the system’s complex application. Alternatively, you can buy everything separately (Penimaster PRO, fixing strap, or rod structure).

I tried assembling and using Penimaster Chrome and Penimaster PRO with a strap and barbell design. The sensations were different, but the principle of use was the same. And the penis enlargement was faster and more efficient.

#3. Penimaster Chrome

  • Warranty – 5 years; Benefits: Clip-on system; Prices: EUR 170,00;


  1. You need to assemble the device and adjust the length of the rods and the tension level so that they are the same on both sides.
  2. I chose a level of comfortable traction for me and used it for about 1.5 hours per session. Then I took a break. It is possible to wear it for up to four hours per day.

It worked, but it was not very comfortable. Within an hour, I felt discomfort and wanted to remove it due to the rigidity of the structure.

#4. Phallosan forte

  • Free Worldwide shipping; Benefits: Vacuum penis stretching device system, additional rod construction(PLUS); Prices: $379-$499;

What is this device?

This is an unrivaled development by German scientists. This is a truly unique penis extender that works on the penis traction method. Phallosan Forte offers penis enlargement with vacuum adhesive glans retention technology.

As with the Penimaster PRO, you can combine it with the fastening, a strap, or a rod structure. But Phallosan Forte offers a different vacuum chamber design and creates a vacuum using a mini pump. Your penis is also in a membrane and a condom, just like the Penimaster, but the principle of creating a vacuum is slightly different.

The Phallosan Forte is a strap-mount device. If you need an attachment with rods and tension screws, then select the Phallosan Forte Plus. These devices can be purchased separately from the site or together. I bought the first device before I bought the second.

Let me tell you which one works best.

Phallosan Forte is the company’s original development. It is a comfortable device with its own vacuum chamber, tension indicator scale (which the Penimaster PRO does not have), and a belt for creating traction.

I didn’t think I needed anything else until I tried their new Plus development. With Phallosan Forte, you can wear the device for a long time, sleep with it, and increase traction according to the tension scale.

Phallosan Forte Plus is a significant new development, but it is not suitable for everyone. For example, if your penis is wider than average, you may feel uncomfortable using it as the construction is rather narrow. In addition, the skin of the penis can get into the joints, creating some discomfort.

Men with a small and narrow penis can safely buy it because the traction created by the barbell and tension screw design is more efficient and productive for penis enlargement than using a strap.

Does it work?

Yes. Phallosan Forte is a very effective penis stretching device for both penis enlargement and straightening. There is enough information about the product to conclude that it is effective: there is traction up to 3 kilograms, research and testing, and user reviews on the forums.

In addition, I want to highlight the level of comfort that it provides. That being said, you can achieve results faster with the Plus construction, but combining the first and the second is important.

#5. SizeGenetics

  • Money-Back: 2 months; Worldwide shipping; Benefits: Class 1 Medical device, 16-ways comfort system; Prices: EUR 95-259.95;

What is this device?

I have known about this penis extender for over 10 years. This is DanaMedic’s design; if you compare it to Jes Extender, you won’t find a difference. But this is a different proposal, and its main value is in the availability of unique accessories for comfort and efficient use.

I’m referring to the special plasters, tourniquets, and lotions. All this makes the use of a classic device more efficient and comfortable. SizeGenetics is sold in various packages; the main difference is in the accessories.

Does it work?

Yes. And this is evidenced by various medical facts. According to the official documents, SizeGenetics is a class 1 medical device. Since 1995, doctors and users on the forums have recommended it, and this device has gained a reputation as a high-quality, efficient, and easy-to-use device.

But is it comfortable? It all depends on what accessories you use and how. There are several videos on quickly and easily putting on and taking off your extender. There are also many life hacks for wearing it and using the accessories.

I will say that you constantly need to change the accessories to make yourself more comfortable. But, simultaneously, you can see the result from using SizeGenetics in a month; it can be at its maximum in six months.

What is penis traction, and what is known about it?

Penis stretchers were initially conceived as penis straightening tools, and they are still considered one of the most effective ways to straighten the penis without surgery. The best penis extenders can typically straighten the curvature as long as it does not exceed 30 degrees on either side.

If penis extenders were first used as a post-surgery tool to straighten or lengthen the penis, over time, they began to be used as an alternative, non-surgical way to straighten and lengthen the penis.

One of the first developers of penis traction devices was a European company called DanaMedic. Their first device was called the Jes Extender, which is still available on the market.

However, its efficiency has increased significantly due to new materials, fastening methods (not only silicone tubes but also rubber straps), and comfort accessories.

Penis traction technology is based on stretching the penis tissues. Under the prolonged influence of the traction device, the cells divide, and in their place, new cells are formed, forming scar tissue. This allows the penis to increase both in length and width.

Moreover, the action of penis extenders cannot only change the shape of the penis but also straighten it or increase it in length and width proportionally. It can also improve your erection. After all, this is a kind of training for the penis. If the tissues are stretched, the blood circulation in the penis is improved.

Do penis extenders work as claimed? A real study

According to a study published in the BJUI (British Journal of Urology), penis extenders can actually be effective. According to the article, a urologist studied 15 men who received instructions on using the extender.

The main goal was to enlarge the penis. They had to use it for an extended time and progressively increase their traction.

Over time, all men achieved penis enlargement, but the results differed.

After the study concluded, the doctor found that a penis can indeed be enlarged and that this result will be permanent, and, most importantly, it can be safe.

The urologist then researched the topic and stated that various creams and pills for enlarging the penis were ineffective.

These statements have been reprinted and published in the reputable journal Livescience.com and print urological press. These are open sources with trustworthy details of the study and the findings.

What extenders should you buy today?

German scientists have developed such penis stretching devices as the Penimaster PRO, Penimaster Chrome, and Phallosan Forte. German medicine is considered the most powerful in Europe.

Penis extenders such as SizeGenetics are also worth noting. The Quick Extender Pro is considered the most well-known and effective American extender.

Classic penis-stretching devices do not help hold the penis in place more securely than DSS(Double strap support) system. In addition, thanks to the breathable comfort pads with memory, you don’t have to worry about any bacterial infections.

I purchased all five of these devices to use and achieve results, and now I will share my impressions.

But the top priority for me was to make sure that they could actually work. After using each device for a month, I concluded that you need to select a penis extender individually, considering how long and how often you will use it and whether you prefer quick results or comfort.

That being said, penis size and device comfort are also critical in choosing the best device.

All five penis traction devices are considered the best on the market. I will tell you about the use of each one in detail and how each one works.

What’s the difference between penis extenders?

The designs of penis extenders vary. The classic one uses barbells and tension screws to create traction and a strap or loop to secure the head of the penis in place. There is also a vacuum adhesive (when the head of the penis is held in a special vacuum chamber).

In this case, the penis glans are placed in the vacuum chamber and secured with a belt or an additional rod structure. The principle of action in both the first and second cases is based on creating pressure and stretching the penis.

Therefore, the penis traction device must be used regularly for a long time, and it is important to increase the load progressively so that the growth of new penis tissue does not stop.

You should use the device for six to 12 months. After that, the results will differ for each man depending on his physiological characteristics. However, the limit of penis enlargement can also be reached at other times.

Conclusions on whether penis extenders work

There are plenty of medical facts on many reputable sites. In addition, numerous doctors’ statements confirm that penis extenders really work and effectively enlarge and straighten the penis.

You can find thousands of posts on forums from users that talk about their success. Penis traction is an effective system that works, and then it all depends on which device you choose for yourself.

There are only five leaders, which I talked about in this review:

  1. Quick Extender Pro
  2. Penimaster PRO
  3. Penimaster Chrome(Classic)
  4. Phallosan Forte (Plus)
  5. SizeGenetics

Anyone will work for you, but Quick Extender Pro is, in my opinion, the best in terms of its efficiency.

Sure, it is not as comfortable as vacuum-adhesive devices, but the results can be obtained quickly, and it is much more comfortable to use than classic rod devices. At the same time, it has a good price, and an abundance of accessories, and the traction force(up to 4000 gr) of this device is beyond the competition.

You will have a warranty, so you can get a refund if it is ineffective. According to all characteristics, Quick Extender Pro is the undisputed leader in the market and tops the rankings among extenders worldwide.