Deluxe Limited Edition

Quick Extender Pro is today’s most prevalent penis enlargement and straightening device. That’s right, the extender itself works according to the classic penis scenario traction using rods, tension screws, and a silicone loop to hold the head of the penis.

The uniqueness of the device itself lies in several technological features at once:

  1. Quick system Extender Pro uses not one but two loops to keep the penis in the design.
  2. DSS technology is supported by unique accessories such as Comfort Pads and Memory Comfort pads. None of the extenders have such soft pads under the loop or strap. A Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Package has 12 of them V package.
  3. This is the lightest device, which means it is easy to carry, and you can do it for longer. After all, the weight of the device affects your comfort.
  4. This device is very miniature, the thinnest, and most invisible in your shorts, among other analogs.
  5. Limited has the penis pump in the Deluxe package to complete your penis enlargement routine. It is the penis pump that can make your practice genuinely effective, and you will achieve results faster.

In general, Quick Extender Pro has 4 device packages. They differ:

  1. Several accessories for comfort and efficiency. Let’s say the number of rods or pads for comfort.
  2. The traction force of the springs. In the Deluxe package, the Limited Edition comes with 4000g springs. These are the most potent springs among all packages.
  3. Other packages do not have a penis pump; without it, your penis enlargement routine will be less effective.

Number of accessories

The same device in the cheapest package, Value Edition, costs $119. So why buy a more expensive package if it contains the same device?

But this is not entirely true. A 4000g and 3000g deadlift is a big difference in increasing pressure for penis growth. In addition, the number of rods directly affects the device’s personalization. The more accurately you can set the length of the rods, the better your results will be. I put on an extra 0.5 cm barbell every week or two to increase the load. This is a prerequisite for using extenders to increase or straighten your penis.

In addition, accessories such as Comfort pads quickly become unusable, and more than 2x Comfort Pads in the Value package Edition will be needed. That is why bags with many accessories are the best solution for the long-term use of the extender.

My Experience with the Deluxe Package Limited Edition

I have 2 device packages – Deluxe Limited edition and deluxe standard edition, and I have something to compare.

I am using quick Extender Pro for 7 months, and although I took breaks, I try not to miss wearing the extender. I do this up to 4 hours a day, I don’t know where I can find more time. Just 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours before bed is comfortable.

A month later I replaced my Comfort Pads , also silicone loops – since I cut some off to make them more comfortable to wear in shorts.

Home wear vs going out

I was very interested in wearing the extender while walking or at the office. And I did it quite well. Initially, my penis was very small, especially in a relaxed state. Only 6 cm, when I put on the extender, at least something came out of me. In general, I felt comfortable. I walked 2 km to the office from home, took the elevator and no one suspected I had Quick between my legs Extender Pro .

I feel comfortable at home, and after 2 weeks, I got so used to the extender that I didn’t notice it and even forgot about it until pain appeared. They always appear if I wear the extender for more than 1 hour.

Regularly check the settings and condition of the penis

Yes, this is the most stressful thing – you need to see if the head of the penis has turned blue because this means the blood is already poorly supplied. You need to dissolve the loops and lightly massage the penis. Always helps. In addition, it is important for me to see the tension indication. There are notches right on the rods, it is important for me to see that the springs are under compression and at a certain level.


I want to focus on this separately. Springs in Quick Extender Pro work under the influence of compression, i.e. they compress and unclench. You need to fix them at a certain level of traction. Then there will be a result from stretching the tissues of the penis.

Assembling and configuring the Deluxe device Limited Edition

Initially, the package’s extender comes assembled, and its total length is 3.6 inches. Next, you need to calculate your User size and subtract 4 cm from the length of your penis – this will be it. Next, hang the springs clearly under this size. The Deluxe package Limited Edition has a lot of rods, which means you can always increase the load by 0.5 cm and then replace them with medium and large rods.

For me, the moment of adding the bars was solemn. After all, in fact, my penis withstood a new load, which means that the tissues are growing.

I understand perfectly now why I need so many accessories, additional springs, and a penis pump. All this is a serious strategy for penis enlargement. Without the best device, achieving significant and rapid success is impossible. I always need extra rods, comfort pads, and silicon tubes, I changed the springs to increase the pull from 3000 gr to 3500.

I began to do this only in the 7th month of using the device.

A choice should be made in the direction of accessories. In the Deluxe package Limited Edition, there are many of them and all of them are necessary for those men who want to increase their penis by 3 inches or more.

You can buy the device on the Quick website Extender Pro