What is an Extender? Device varieties

In modern medicine, there are a huge number of devices that help patients cope with certain problems.Extenders are one of the most popular medical devices among men. It is customary to call an extender a device with which you can get rid of the curvature of the penis, erectile dysfunction, and also increase the parameters of the penis.

What is Penis Extender?

In the modern market, you can find many different models of extenders that differ in design, appearance, the principle of exposure, cost, quality of materials, and other criteria.

As a rule, all expansion units are usually divided into two large categories – vacuum and sucker rod. There is also a third category of devices that can soon become a worthy competitor to the proposed models, namely sucker rod-vacuum installations.

By giving preference to vacuum extenders, the user can be sure of the convenience and ease of use of the installation. A distinctive feature of the vacuum device from the rod construction is the presence of a silicone tip and a fixing strap.

Maximum pressure is generated inside the tip, which stimulates blood flow to the blood vessels of the penis. Due to the activation of blood flow, the cave tissues of the penis expand, and this leads to an increase in the size of the male organ.

The second category of extenders is rod structures, in which two metal rods act as the main active element.

As the device operates, during which the length and diameter of the penis increases, the length of the bars is adjusted individually to suit the current parameters of the penis. Inside the metal rods, springs are built in to provide maximum tension on the penis, due to which the cave tissues of the organ are stretched.

Today manufacturers of extenders skillfully combine vacuum and rod installations with each other, thanks to which the result of their action becomes many times more efficient and faster. However, the cost of such models is much higher than the price of traditional devices.

Among such a variety of dilators, each patient can choose the most suitable device for himself, with the help of which you can quickly and permanently solve some of the intimate disorders of men.

Benefits of buying and using extenders

Many men who are faced with the problem of the curvature of the penis and the insufficiently large size of the genital organ are looking for all sorts of ways to localize the disorders.

Some patients prefer expansion units, others prefer nutritional supplements, and still, others prefer surgery. The latter option is a real gamble, the negative consequences of which can have the most detrimental effect on the state of human health.

Based on this, the most correct and competent method of dealing with the above problems is to use extenders. Let’s highlight the main advantages of buying modern expansion units:

  • The high degree of efficiency. With the proper use of extenders, a positive result will not belong in coming. The first visible changes from the use of an expansion device become noticeable after 14 to 30 days. It is possible to achieve maximum results within 6 to 8 months. The duration of the course of using the extender directly depends on the type of design chosen, the correct use, as well as the individual characteristics of the male body;
  • Lack of pain and discomfort while wearing the unit. With correct fixation of the extender on the surface of the penis, patients in 100% of cases do not experience painful sensations. The operation of the expansion unit does not prevent users from leading a full life – going to work, traveling or driving a car;
  • The high degree of security. By giving preference to certified and patented expansion devices, provided that there are no contraindications for use, the patient can be sure of their reliability and safety. All certified expansion devices are regularly checked for quality and effectiveness by independent expert organizations;
  • Simple and understandable principle of action of extenders, which does not cause negative side reactions in the male body.

An overview of the best penis extenders

Despite the fact that there are more than 100 models of extenders on the modern market, in today’s article we will consider the most popular types of devices that are in demand among men all over the world:

  1. The Quick Extender Pro is a patented device that incorporates state-of-the-art Double Strap Support technology. The DSS system provides maximum tension on the extender tip, so that the positive result of the expander will not keep you waiting. The Quick Extender Pro is based on the rod traction principle. The peculiarity of this device lies in its compact size. This means that the expander put on the penis is completely invisible under the clothes.
  2. Phallosan Forte is an innovative vacuum penis dilator, the main characteristics of which are compact size, high-quality materials and painless action. The expander design consists of a vacuum pump, as well as gaiters and a belt that regulate the tension force. Unlike barbell extenders, the vacuum device is fixed on the surface of the penis using a special elastic strap that surrounds the surface of the thighs.
  3. SizeGenetics is a quality model of a rod-type expander. All elements of the device are made of medical materials – plastic, metal and rubber. Thanks to the massive voltage generated by the force of 2800 grams, the results of its use are obtained much faster than in the case of competing counterparts. Achieve the desired result from using the SizeGenetics barbell set after 4-6 months. The system includes the innovative Ultimate Comfort technology, which provides the highest level of comfort during operation.
  4. Penimaster PRO is a new generation extender that combines the advantages of vacuum and rod systems. The expander structure consists not only of metal pulling rods, but also of a vacuum tip. Due to the double impact on the problem, the efficiency and the speed of obtaining favorable results are significantly increased. Thanks to the unique system of anatomical fixation of the penis, the installation can be used on both circumcised and uncircumcised penis.
  5. Male Edge is a compact, technologically simple and functional penis extender that includes additional fixation straps. The stylish black design is the main distinguishing feature of Male Edge from existing analogs. The principle of operation is the tension of the penis by means of metal rods with built-in springs.
  6. Jes Extender is a quality, effective, and safe penis extender that was introduced to the international market back in 1995. A time-tested and hundreds of different tests, a barbell extender helps to get rid of the most common intimate problems – erectile dysfunction, small penis size, and curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s disease).

The best extender among all the offered models is the SizeGenetics barbell extender, which is equipped with the Ultimate Comfort System. For those users who are accustomed to giving preference to maximum comfort, the Quick Extender Pro may be the most optimal model.

For those who value practicality and versatility, the Penimaster PRO expansion device is ideal. Each of the offered models of extenders is a patented quality installation with many positive reviews and characteristics. Quality certificates for products can be found on the manufacturer’s official website.

How to choose the most suitable penis extender?

First of all, in the process of choosing an expansion device, users should pay attention exclusively to certified devices with documentation confirming this fact. Due attention must be paid to the quality of the working elements of the device, the material from which they are produced must be safe and hypoallergenic.

Don’t overlook the criterion for collecting information and analytics. Studying the characteristics of certain models of extenders, as well as reading customer reviews, you can most accurately understand which device is right for you.

After the expander is in the patient’s hands, it is strongly recommended to study the manufacturer’s instructions, which detail the characteristics of the product, as well as the rules for its operation. It is recommended to wear any of the proposed models of the device only during the daytime.

Thus, it is possible to avoid any negative consequences that arise against the background of the reduced sensitivity of the body at night.

It is strictly forbidden to wear the extender without interruption. As a rule, the permissible daily wear rate of the expansion unit is 7 to 10 hours. This is followed by a night break. The most competent approach to the process of using a penile extender is to draw up an individual treatment program. Qualified medical personnel will help you with this difficult task.

In order for the result of wearing the best penis extender to come faster, you should additionally study (and then practice) the Jelqing technique. Jelqing exercises are similar in principle to typical masturbation.

However, the distinctive feature of Jelqing from the pleasant process of masturbation is not to bring oneself to ejaculation. As soon as a man feels a rush of blood to the penis, it is necessary to stop and rest. Then proceed to the procedure again.

The essence of Jelqing is to stimulate blood flow to the blood vessels of the penis, thereby stretching and strengthening them. As a result, over time, the cellular tissues of the penis become more susceptible to the mechanical impact of the extender.

Natural nutritional supplements are another current method of increasing the effectiveness and speed of the extender on common male problems. Modern manufacturers of dietary supplements produce a lot of high-quality and safe products that stimulate the growth of cells of the penis, and also activate blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

A man’s desire to be strong, sexy, and courageous is fully justified. However, with a small penis, feeling like a real alpha male can be tricky. That is why, at the moment when the small size of the penis has become an urgent problem for you, you should find ways to solve it as soon as possible. The simplest, most effective, safe, and proven method is to use penis stretching devices, namely vacuum and rod extenders.

Using an extender is a real chance not only to increase the size of the genital organ but also to get rid of congenital or acquired curvature of the penis, as well as negative manifestations of erectile dysfunction. You can choose the most suitable penis stretcher for yourself on the basis of independent study and analysis of the technical characteristics of the device.

In order to be sure of the high quality and safety of the best penis extender, customers should pay attention only to patented and certified products. It is best to buy the product on the manufacturer’s official website. The main advantage of buying goods on the official website is the quality assurance of the extender. Manufacturers quite often offer their customers to purchase products at a promotional price, which significantly saves the customer’s budget.