Inverses of 3x3 matrices calculator applet

Inverses of 3x3 matrices using cofactors appletMy new applet on inverses of 3x3 matrices

I’m pleased with this applet because I’ve been think­ing of doing this one for years. To get what I’ve wanted I’ve had to do some hard think­ing about the pro­gram­ming, and I now have some tech­niques  I can reuse time and time again.

Why a cal­cu­la­tor? The applet can be used to enter any reasonably-sized matrix and cal­cu­late its inverse if it exists, so you could call it a cal­cu­la­tor. I expect some peo­ple will use it as such. But it’s real pur­pose, as is usual with Wal­do­maths applets, is to demon­strate the method of cal­cu­la­tion and give insights into the math­e­mat­i­cal behav­iour of matrices.

Already I’ve played around with it myself for hours. It’s great not hav­ing to do end­less repet­i­tive cal­cu­la­tion myself to see results.

I’m already plan­ning an applet of find­ing inverses using row reduction.