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Edexcel FP1 (Further Pure Mathematics 1 - 6667)

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow


external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file Full course specification (Edexcel website)
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file Mathematical formulae and statistics tables (Edexcel website)
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  Edexcel FP1 (6667) Syllabus Specification (2008) (© Edexcel Ltd.)

1 Complex Numbers

Complex Number Arithmetic

Waldomaths applet  Introducing complex numbers and the Argand Diagram applet
Waldomaths applet  Complex conjugate roots of quadratic equations
external  MS Word document  Complex numbers (.doc)
Link to an external webpage  John and Betty (storyboard)
Link to an external webpage  Complex Arithmetic, Quadratic Equations, etc - 7 videos
Link to an external webpage  Argand Diagrams, Modulus and Argument, Polar Form - 3 videos
Waldomaths applet  nth roots of complex numbers applet

2 Numerical Solution of Equations

Interval Bisection


Linear Interpolation

Waldomaths applet  Linear Interpolation applet

The Newton-Raphson Process

Waldomaths applet  The Newton-Raphson method applet

3 Coordinate Systems

Cartesian and Parametric Equations for the Parabola and Rectangular Hyperbola

Waldomaths applet  Parametric Equations for Parabolae and Rectangular Hyperbolae (and Ellipses) applet

Focus-Directrix Property of the Parabola


Tangents and Normals to the Parabola and Rectangular Hyperbola


4 Matrix Algebra

2D Column Vectors

Waldomaths applet  Basic 2D Vector Arithmetic applet

Addition and Product of Matrices

Link to an external webpage  Matrix Arithmetic - 5 videos

2D Determinants and Inverses

Link to an external webpage  Determinants and Inverses - 3 videos

Combinations of Matrix Transformations

Waldomaths applet  2D matrix transformations applet

5 Series

Summation of Simple Finite Series


6 Proof

Proof by Mathematical Induction

Link to an external webpage  Proof by induction 1 - video
Link to an external webpage  Proof by induction 2 - video
external  MS Word document  Proof by induction (.doc)