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Microsoft tutorials

Roll on Spring 2015!

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow

I keep dreaming of an end to the cold weather here in England!

A New Applet!

I've written a new applet on The Intersecting Chords Theorem(s), to add to my suite of Circle Theorems applets. This topic is part of the iGCSE and may soon be in GCSE.

Highly recommended

A new tutorial service in English and Maths has opened in Tonbridge, Kent. I work there from time to time. Tonbridge Education. Sarah the proprietor is an excellent English teacher and can also teach Maths very well to the younger kids (ages 5-14). So we complement each other rather well.

Problems with applets

For quite a while there have been annoying messages about security of applets, and now some security settings block them altogether. This is unfair to people like me, whose applets are perfectly safe and always have been. I had almost given up hope because of the problem, but I've been encouraged by the number of people who still contact me with messages of support.

A solution for most users:

My videos on youTube

I am transferring some of my videos to youTube rather than hosting them myself. This is so that you can watch the videos on almost any device. You will still get to the videos by navigating to them on this site using the videos link.

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